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Have you or a loved one been injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness? Whether the injury was intended or the result of negligence, you may have a right to compensation. The attorneys at Lumpkin and Postal are dedicated to helping personal injury clients receive the compensation they need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, physical injuries, rehabilitative care and more.

We are dedicated to providing each client with personalized legal representation. We have experience in dealing with even the most complex legal matters. We work diligently to protect your rights and help you receive the settlement you deserve. In addition to personal injury law, we are proud to represent clients for a range of criminal defense cases.

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The most frequent cause of personal injuries are car accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured to the another’s negligence in an automobile, our experienced legal team is here for you. We cover the full range of auto accidents, from rear-end collisions and side impact accidents to head-on collisions and multi-vehicle pile-ups. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you need to heal and recover as soon as possible. In addition, we provide legal representation to clients injured while driving a motorcycle, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists.

Losing a loved one is the worst thing that can happen, especially if it is caused by someone else’s recklessness. One way to obtain closure during this tragic time is to seek justice for your loved one through the legal system. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover the costs to pay for the many expenses you will face in addition to damages for the wrongful actions of the person who caused your loss. We will address your needs and concerns and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

No matter what industry you work in, there are certain safety measures in place to ensure you and your co-workers are safe and do not get injured on the job. For certain fields such as construction or trucking, this is especially true, as there are added risks. Unfortunately, some employers fail to uphold these standards, which can lead to employees being injured in the workplace. Workers’ Compensation insurance helps cover bills and medical expenses for individuals injured in work-related accidents. If you have been injured in the workplace or on a job site, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our team will work with you to navigate the complexities of South Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws.

If you are a property owner, you are required to ensure and maintain the safety of your premises, to protect both yourself and your visitors. If you fail to maintain your property, it can result in injuries or fatalities. Our attorneys are dedicated to help individuals who have been injured on someone’s property because of improper maintenance. We will help you reach the best possible outcome in your case. We have the skills to handle the many factors that go into both commercial and residential premise liability suits.

If you or a loved one have been injured as the result of police brutality or misconduct, the team of attorneys at Lumpkin and Postal, P.C. is ready to represent you. Misconduct occurs when a law enforcement official acts in a manner outside of the law and situation at hand. Excessive force which results in a serious injury is also known as police brutality. We have the knowledge and experience to help you understand how much force was necessary in a given situation. We are advocates for your civil rights, and take these violations seriously.

When you need medical treatment, you put trust in your provider and medical staff to keep your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, carelessness, medical errors, and a lack of judgement can lead to tragedy and a breach of trust. If you or a loved one have been a victim of wrongful death, unexplained illness, a misdiagnosis, or other form of medical malpractice, our team at Lumpkin and Postal is here to help. We work directly with you to aggressively pursue your case. We are determined to help you obtain the compensation you and your family deserve. We have the litigation skills and attention to detail needed to successfully pursue this type of case.

When your loved one is admitted into a nursing home, you expect them to be cared for and treated well. It can be difficult to trust that others will give our loved ones the proper amount of care. If your loved one has been taken advantage of or abused, it can be heartbreaking. Our lawyers have the experience to help you seek justice and hold those responsible for mistreating your loved one accountable for their action.

If you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse in their nursing home, remove them for the facility immediately and contact our office. We will walk you through every step of the legal process. Our goal is to help you receive compensation for the emotional and physical injuries your loved one sustained. We take a compassionate and personal approach to personal injury and elder abuse cases.

A contract dispute or breach of contract can prevent your company from operating to the best of its ability. While some contract disputes can be resolved without legal representation, working with experienced attorneys ensures both parties understand and can fulfill their contractual obligations. Our attorneys will work together with you to help you resolve your contract dispute and help your business resume full operations.

When an individual is taken into police custody, the jail and law enforcement offices assume responsibility for that person’s safety. If an inmate is injured or dies because of negligence, medical neglect or abusive treatment, the county or city may be financially liable.

Individuals in jail may feel like they cannot defend their rights, as they have little recourse to complain. However, prisoners do have rights and can take action to enforce their rights. If you or a loved one have been a victim of prison abuse or neglect, our attorneys are here to help. We have the skills and experience to handle the complexities this sort of case presents. We are always strong advocates for our clients’ rights.

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