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Personal Injury

Were you injured in an auto accident in Georgetown, SC or the surrounding area? Hire Lumpkin and Postal, P.C., to stand up for your rights.

Criminal Defense

You deserve a fearless and competent legal team. Put the skilled attorneys of Lumpkin and Postal, P.C., to work on your defense.


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3 Compelling Reasons to Hire Lumpkin and Postal, P.C.

For your personal injury or criminal defense case in Georgetown, SC

Do you need trustworthy advice from a qualified attorney? Are you looking for someone who’ll fight for your rights?

Reach out to Lumpkin and Postal, P.C. Our attorneys are known for their dependable legal counsel and devoted representation. We’ve obtained positive verdicts and fair settlements for clients in Georgetown, South Carolina and the surrounding region. Why not let us do the same for you?

Here’s why you should hire our talented legal team:


We’re experienced

Rely on us for DUI, Auto Accidents or Traffic Violations

The lawyers of Lumpkin and Postal, P.C., bring decades of experience to our work on personal injury and criminal defense cases in the Georgetown, SC region. Allow us to put our legal knowledge and courtroom skills to work on your behalf.

Hire Lumpkin and Postal, P.C., for your:
Criminal defense case
Drunk driving case
Personal injury litigation
Wrongful death lawsuit
Auto accident case
Workers compensation case

Your legal matter will be in good hands.


We provide free consultations

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We’re dedicated

Lumpkin and Postal, P.C., isn’t a big corporate law firm. Your case will be the primary focus for your lawyer, who’ll support you throughout the legal process. By hiring us, you can count on receiving personalized attention from a highly capable legal team.